At Proprint A/S we produce all types of print; from single-sided to 36 layers of multilayer.


At Proprint A/S we produce all types of print; from single-sided to 36 layers of multilayer. We deliver both the simplest technology and the most advanced HDI print with 0.1 technology and controlled impedance. Due to our many years of experience in the production of print we can say with certainty that we can assist throughout the print cycle. We can therefore both guarantee flawless prototypes and at the same time ensure an easy transfer of the print to volume production.

Factory and approvals

Since 2003 Proprint A/S has had its own production in Guangzhou, China. This means that we have full control over production and thus can ensure that you as a customer get the best quality products. By having our own production we have also made sure that you get your electronic components at the lowest prices as any expensive intermediaries are left out. At Proprint A/S our quality assurance means that we only produce electronic components of the highest measurable quality, and that is precisely why we are certified within quality standards. Our production portfolio from our own factory and partners is ISO 9000, TS16949 and ISO 14001 approved, and these factories are of course approved according to UL.


We know that fast delivery of your electronic components can be of crucial importance. That is why we at Proprint A/S make sure that your goods are delivered to you as soon as possible. This means that we can deliver your print prototypes from two working days. In order for you to receive your shipment as quickly as possible – and in the right condition – Proprint A/S only uses recognized transport and logistics companies that provide fast and secure logistics.

Capacity continued

  • Print types: S/S, D/S, ML4 og op til 36 lag
  • Base laminates: FR4, FR4 Hi TG, FR4 Halogen frit, epoxy, Rogers 4003
  • Printtykkelser: from 0,2 mm op til 5,6 mm
  • Min. lederbane: from 0,075 mm
  • Min. isolation: from 0,075 mm
  • Mindste boret hul: from 0,1 mm (laser), 0,2 mm (mekanisk)
  • Blinde/skjulte via: Yes
  • Overflade: Blyfri HAL, Kemisk Ni/Au, Kemisk Sn (white tin), OSP, etc.
  • Kobbertykkelser: 35, 70, 105 & 140 µ
  • Loddemasker: Green (standard), red, black, blue
  • Komponenttryk: White (standard) or yelloe
  • Hård guld: Konnektor & selektivt
  • Afrivelig maske: Yes
  • Carbon: Yes
  • Plugged viahuller: Yes
  • Kontrolleret impedans: Laves efter spec. F.eks. 50 ohm, 75 ohm eller +/- 5 %

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