High frequency (HF) components

We master knowledge of development and production of all components types for use into the switch mode
power supplies.

High frequency (HF) components for switch mode power suppliers (SMPS)

We master knowledge of development and production of all components types for use into the switch mode power supplies, e.g. non-Isolated SMPS (boost converter and buck converter, buck-boost converter) and isolated SMPS (push-pull converter, flyback converter) including the types extracted from the types mentioned above like for example: open or closed Loop Boost/Buck, open loop Inverting Buck…

Components are supplied leaded or SMD (eg. tape and reel), mounting base or plastic housing, embedded, impregnated or open.

Components are manufactured according to standards: IEC /EN, VDE, UL /ETL, Atex, Reach/RoHS or according to customer needs.


UL recognized materials.

Temperature classes (classes A / E / B / F / H… with standard or reinforced insulation)

Hf transformers:

Flyback type, mode operation as types as:

  • CCM flyback – Continuous Conduction Mode
  • DCM flyback – Discontinuous Conduction Mode
  • BCM flyback – Boundary conduction mode
  • Forward type, mode operation as types as:
    • forward-mode type,
    • push-pull type,
    • half-bridge type
    • full-bridge topologies
  • Current transformers

Chokes / EMI

Storage Choke:

  • They are usually made of iron or metal powder cores with one winding. Since the inductance decreases with increasing load current the operating point of the load current is typically selected at 55 to 70 % of the no-load inductance.

Common mode inductors, 1 or 3 or 4 phases – toroidal or anther shape, with encapsulation if needed.

  • Common mode chokes are used for the suppression of common mode interference or common mode noise (CMN). Applications, like SMPS, generate high frequency noise. It is to avoid the conduction of the noise into the mains. High permeability (µi) materials are used, mostly toroid ferrite, with plastic separators or cable ties.

Single chokes (EMI) used for the suppression of differential mode interference / differential mode noise (DMN). They occur usually at frequencies below 1MHz, generated by switching devices.


Cores for Single chokes are usually made out of iron powder or metal powder with one winding. Various materials with different properties are available.

  • PFC inductors (active power factor corrector)
  • Power inductors
  • Bead inductors

RF components

Inductors or transformers to handle power in the 250 kHz to frequency range higher than 10MHz.In applications involving low-level signals, the choice of core size, material and winding is normally based on required Q and/or packaging requirements. We are using powder cores, chosen to produce high Q inductors and transformers for selective circuits. For the low level broadband transformers and RF chokes are commonly built on high permeability ferrite cores. Difference between powder core and ferrite cores is that distributed air-gap of powder cores contributes to their rather low permeability and very good stability.

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